Other things and personal rambling

I have done thousands of paintings and drawings since I can ever remember, burned most of them. I started sculpture about the time I took early retirement from a job I absolutely adored; I love students. I worked my way quickly through papier mache, bamboo, clay and now steel. I find it impossible to work in two media at one time. I have very few paintings left and virtually no ceramics, they all got dispersed, I wonder where they all are? A few objects and photo's still remain and they are on this website.

I started metal work with my one and only excursion into design engineering. I produced a tandem, which was a combined semi-recumbant for me at the front and a Raleigh shopper at the back for Joan (we toured the alps for twenty years at these shoppers fitted with a 5-speed Sturmy Archer). The tandem I made, replaced our beloved Jack Taylor which I eventually could not manage for extremely personal reasons. Anyway the new tandem, I’m proud to say was unquestionably the worst machine ever invented, it should have got a prize. We rode it for only a thousand miles ‘til Joan threatened to leave me. It wasn’t a difficult choice to make.

The paintings are all oils done with a watercolour technique on ready whitened hard board from Homecare. All the clay objects were fired by our very good friends Pete Dodge and Chris Arnold at Twenty Pence pottery in Wilturton. Pete took many of the pictures in his workshop immediately after firing.

Another great friend, Ed Jackson, who is a professional welder with his own firm has been more helpful to me than I can say. He transports all of the sculptures, gets the steel for me and does the initial cutting up. I can not thank him enough. The sculpture of the MIG welder with the friendly bird was done for him, Jacqui and the boy's.

And I find myself enormously grateful to another friend, Jon Roth, who designed this website for me so splendidly. Jon’s son Tim has done some fine work here as you will see.